Mystery Superlicious Wine Case – 12 Bottles


This package Includes :

-Sauvignon Blanc 1 Bottle 
-Pinot Grigio 1 Bottle
-Chardonnay 1 Bottle 
-White Blend 1 Bottle
-Red Blend 1 Bottle
-Cabernet Sauvignon 1 Bottle
-Pinot Noir 1 Bottle
-Merlot 1 Bottle
-Malbec 1 Bottle
-Rose 1 Bottle
-Champagne 1 Bottle
-Prosecco 1 Bottle
*If you prefer to substitute one for the other, please proceed to the checkout page and in the notes section you can mention what is preferred.  For example:
-Sauvignon Blanc 3 Bottles
-Pinot Noir 2 Bottles 
-Merlot 2 Bottles
-Champagne 5 Bottles
*Also Feel Free to call if you need any assistance :919-322-8947 
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